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------- SI on Emotional Intelligence for Online Learning Call for Papers -----------

Special Issue on Emotional Intelligence for Online Learning
International Journal of Distance Education Technologies

Many intelligent tutoring systems have been developed and used to
support students' learning. Good online learning systems require 
emotional communications happened in-between the tutors and 
the learners. Emotions play an important role when users engage 
in career or drama training, or language learning situations via role-play.
Interpreting player experience and affect from open-ended verbal
communication and diverse body language has been challenging 
research tasks. It further promotes the importance of such studies
when employing diverse game-play modalities (e.g. mobile interfaces
and augmented reality platforms) and when recognizing affect and 
mood from metaphorical affective expressions, dialogue context,
emotionally ambiguous or non-prototypical spoken utterances,
facial expressions and gestures. Such research is significantly beneficial
to the development of intelligent virtual agents which are capable of
interpreting social relationships, context, general mood and emotion,
sensing or reasonably predicating others' inter-conversion, identifying
its role and participating intelligently in open-ended interaction.
How to develop a system which can identify user's emotion and/or
present its feelings to the user according to user's words, behaviors,
and performance in online learning is definitely an important, a very
helpful as well an interesting research topic. The purpose of this
special issue is to explore how models, theories, and solutions of
emotion intelligence can be used in online learning and what benefits
users can receive from such emotion intelligence-embedded systems
and agents.

Guest Editors (in alphabet order): 
Dr. Maiga Chang, Dr. Rita Kuo and Dr. Li Zhang

Suggested topics: 
We cordially invite authors to submit high quality manuscripts for
any application domain as long as the core of the manuscript belongs to:
- Affect sensing from text, speech, facial expression and gestures
- Affect inspired interactive intelligent games (e.g., mobile
   interfaces, augmented reality platforms, natural user interfaces - 
   non touch based user interfaces)
- Emotion modelling and generation
- Human computer interaction issues and challenges that affective
   computing/emotional intelligence solutions for online learning 
   may have
- Emotional tutoring agents/learning companions/interactive robots
- Affective computing tools, systems and applications for online learning
- Emotional intelligent agents for assisting teaching or learning
- Multi-agent based affective computing systems and applications
- Practical experiences in using & deploying emotional intelligence
   for online learning
- Successful cases of applying emotional intelligence to online learning
- Not-so-successful cases and the lessons learnt
- Evaluation models for emotional intelligent agents/systems

Important dates and manuscript guidelines: 
All submissions have to follow IGI Global journal manuscript guidelines 
and should be sent to the guest editors directly via email 
(maiga.chang at gmail.com, rita.mcsl at gmail.com and L.Zhang at cs.bham.ac.uk)
by February 28, 2012.

It is encouraged to authors who are interested in submitting your works
to submit an one-page abstract with manuscript title by January 31, 2012
to indicate your intention in sending complete manuscript by February 28.

All submissions are going to be reviewed by at least three reviewers,
the final camera-ready manuscripts have to be revised by the author(s)
according to reviewer comments before sending to the guest editors by
June 1, 2012. The other important dates are:

- February 28, 2012: Submission deadline
- May 1, 2012: Review result notification
- June 1, 2012: Revised manuscript submission deadline
- June 15, 2012: Acceptance notification
- June 30, 2012: Final camera-ready manuscript submission deadline

IGI Global manuscript guidelines at:

For queries, please contact Dr. Maiga Chang (maiga.chang at gmail.com)

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