[Air-L] How to record online video interviews (audio and video)?

Karin Bolldén karin at bollden.se
Thu Oct 13 08:01:52 PDT 2011

Dear all

I've been a lurker on this list for a while now, but now it's time to come
forth :) My name is Karin Bolldén and I am a doctoral student in Educational
Research at the Department of Studies in Adult, Popular and Higher
Education, Linköping university, Sweden. My research interests concerns ICT
and learning in general, and specifically teaching and learning in online

I am going to do synchronous online inteviews, probably through Skype or
Adobe Connect and am looking for ways of recording both my and
my interviewee's voices and outputs from webcams. I guess Camtasia could be
a solution, but there seem to be some issues in capturing both my and my
interviewee's audio sources. I've been browsing Janet Salmons book entitled
'Online inteviews in real time' (2010) but am still lacking hands on advice.

Does anyone here have hands on experience on this issue and/or reading
suggestions concerning the method?

I will appreciate anything you have in mind on this!

Best wishes


*Karin Bolldén*
PhD Student in Adult Learning
Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning
Linköping University
S-581 83 Linköping, Sweden

E-mail: karin.bollden at liu.se
Phone: +46 (0)13 282108


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