[Air-L] Readings on Communication and Community

Gerald Voorhees dr.g.voorhees at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 14:57:56 PDT 2011

I'm working with a grad student who is interested in studying communication
practices/norms as barriers to inclusion in virtual communities. While this
topic abutts my own interests, it is not my area of expertise.

I've already turned him toward Nancy Baym's _Tune In, Log On_ and Lynn
Cherny's _Conversation and Community_, as well as some more foundational
work in socio-linguistics, speech communities and ethnography of speaking
(e.g. Hymes, Gumperz, Philipsen).

I'd appreciate any suggestions of relevant work that might inform his
research. Scholarship from a critical/rhetorical perspective is particularly

Thanks and best regards,


Gerald Voorhees, PhD

Assistant Professor of Media and Cultural Studies

Speech Communication/New Media Communication

Oregon State University

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