[Air-L] impact of online versus f2f contacts on mood, affect...

Barry Wellman wellman at chass.utoronto.ca
Sun Oct 16 18:23:42 PDT 2011

The person who sent me the request for research findings has further 
specified what he wants to know.

Saddened that all respondent to date have either shown off their 
"cleverness" or asked for further specification. Not one even tried to 
answer the question.

Concomittantly, I am reading _I'm Feeling Lucky_ by Douglas Edwards: an 
insider's ethnography of the early Google days. A repeated thought is that 
the developers kept moving forward with partial procedures.

PS: Anyone else old enuf to have the phrase "Douglas Edwards and the News" 
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Barry --

Thanks...I can make the request more formal, ie the impact on mood or affect
(if any) measured today of the number of internet and text messages received
in the last few days, compared with the impact on affect of the number of
f2f encounters during the same time frame, controlling for appropriate
factors such as age, gender, education and so on. It would be nice to remove
people who contacted ego both ways...there must be a way to do this without
making the questions unduly cumbersome...

A repeated panel of course could help to clarify issues of causality, since
presumably both mood and the number of recent contacts vary over time...

Experience sampling as developed by the Chicago psychologist
Csikszentmihalyi might specify the matter in terms of contacts within the
last hour or two and its impact on current affect.

It would be nice to know if somehow has already some this or something like

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