[Air-L] IRB and social media follow-up

Shelia Cotten cotten at uab.edu
Thu Oct 20 07:25:39 PDT 2011

Hi everyone. I just wanted to follow-up on the use of social media for my grad Survey Research Methods class project. I appreciate all the comments, suggestions, and support provided! I took the advice of several people and talked with our IRB rep and the IRB agreed to let us use social media. Their main issue was of people identifying themselves as respondents. Unfortunately we can't control that but we've included some wording to hopefully help (per the IRB). I'll be posting the contact info and link to the survey soon and you'll be able to see the information that we had to provide/note.

Once again, I thank everyone who offered support, advice, etc. I conveyed the feedback to my students and they were really impressed with the speedy feedback and the support!

I hope you'll all respond to the survey and also forward it to others in your social networks!


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