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*CfP: Internet Mutations: Resistance and Control *

*Editors:*             Erika Pearson (University of Otago, NZ)

Tessa Houghton (University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus)

*Contacts:*         erika.pearson at otago.ac.nz

             tessa.houghton at nottingham.edu.my

*Dates:* Chapter proposals (title + 300-word (max) abstract + brief CV of
the author/s) are sought by 12/12/ 2011 for consideration by the publisher

The internet is contested: issues as diverse as censorship, connectivity,
digital divides, hacking and hacktivism, grass-root resistance in
virtual worlds and even what apps you can buy from an online store all
affect how people as individuals, as consumers, and as citizens engage both
with and on the internet.  Utopian and dystopian ideals have now given way
to an experience of the internet which has scope for everything from
grassroots communication and social mobilization through to totalitarian
regimes attempts to shutdown citizen access to these tools.  Acts of
resistance and acts of control utilize the same tools and sometimes even the
same modes of communication and interaction, and often it is only a matter
of perspective as to what is ‘resistance’ and what is ‘control.’

This book brings together multiple perspectives on the internet as a
contested and contestable space, and in doing so, we highlight the complex
interplay of social, technical, economic and political factors that
construct the digital landscape of the twenty-first century.  This book will
focus its attentions on struggle: the ways the internet is used as a site of
debate and tension, resistance and control, and is thus itself contested.
Furthermore, this book will situate itself within the Asia-Pacific context
as exemplifying the global contestations, and raise and explore issues of
resistance and control that particularly impact internet users and online
producers from the region as they extend out into cyberspace, and extend the
internet into their everyday lives.

This call is seeking potential chapter submissions from any disciplinary
area related to the themes of this book.  Possible chapter topics include
(but are not limited to):

•    Censorship

•    Copyright and intellectual property

•    Online activism & political dissent

•    Access & equity

•    Grass-root resistance in virtual worlds & gaming

•    Privacy & security

•    The role of the state/private interests

•    Changing paradigms of education and training

•   Issues of transnational information flows

•   Mobile technologies and nomadic access


Dr Tessa J. Houghton<http://www.nottingham.edu.my/Modern-Languages/People/tessa.houghton>

Assistant Professor in Media and Communication
School of Modern Languages and Cultures
The University of Nottingham Malaysia

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