[Air-L] #Occupy Wall Street/#OWS, analysis, and help for reading list?

Baker, Andrea bakera at ohio.edu
Sun Oct 23 11:53:52 PDT 2011

Hello, everyone,

I'd like to share a post made by Michael Gurstein and sent recently to the CITSA list of sociologists:

It contains worthwhile thoughts on the development of Occupy Wall Street offline and online and 
how *community* is developed.  He has a place for comments for anyone interested in reflecting
on what he writes.

Mike's post stimulated me to ask too, is anyone developing a *reading list* on OWS?  I am 
going to teach a course in Social Movements next year and would love to have some readings in 
addition to the one above that you consider either summary statements of empirical realities, 
eye witness accounts, and scholarly analyses.


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