[Air-L] Call for Workshop Chairperson/Call for Papers. Danish Conference of Sociology 2012

Paul Candon candonp at tcd.ie
Sun Oct 30 10:39:57 PDT 2011

Dear Colleagues,

I am co-ordinating a conference workshop and seeking a volunteer to act as
Chairperson for the session, I am also calling for papers. The theme of the
session is: Performing Troubling and Troubled Identities Online: Towards
Freedom or Formula? The workshop is part of the "Troubled Identities"
Conference at Aarhaus, Denmark, January 19-20, 2012.
Full details are here:

"This workshop aims to examine the manner in which a complex array of
identities – political, cultural, social, and particularly marginal and
extreme – are managed and expressed in the online sphere. It seeks to gauge
the impact or influence of such sites of identity performance and how the
online space itself might serve to advance or hinder the expression of
identities which may manifest themselves primarily in this realm. The
session will also re-examine the original ideas (e.g. Turkle 1999)
concerning the performance of online identity with allied questions about
public/private, legality, censorship, ‘net neutrality’, hate speech, social
movements and the interaction of media, Internet and society.

Potential contributions could be drawn from studies of:

- extreme political movements

- end of life/suicide forums

- diverse sexuality

- deviance

- anarchism

- art as protest"
if you would like to act as chair, please contact me as soon as you can.
The deadline for abstracts is December 16.
Thank you,
*Paul Candon, **PhD Candidate, **Dept of Sociology
School of Social Sciences & Philosophy *
*Trinity College, University of Dublin*
*3 College Green
Dublin 2*
*Republic of Ireland*
*353 (0)86 8842113*

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