[Air-L] Critical Writing on FOSS and Wikipedia

Juli Rone juli_rone at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 3 03:46:12 PDT 2011

Hey, I've just finished my thesis on the ideology of FOSS and its various uses. Unfortunately, it's not in English. However I would recommend as a good way to lose one's illusions Matteo Pasquinelli's book "Animal Spirits": http://matteopasquinelli.com/animal-spirits. Also a bit radical but very interesting is "The Telekommunist Manifesto" by Dmytri Kleiner: http://www.networkcultures.org/_uploads/%233notebook_telekommunist.pdf
I found both authors very provocative as they are making critique from within the left. Good luck to your student :))

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Subject: [Air-L] Critical Writing on FOSS and Wikipedia

Dear Fellow Aoiristas!

I have a master student who is contemplating doing an MA Thesis on the
comparative political economy of FOSS and Wikipedia.  She definitely
wants to approach the topic through a Marxist lens so I underscore the
salience of "political economy" here.  My first take on her proposal is
that she is awfully naive about the incipient "info communism" of
Wiikipedia but really needs some good critical empirical work to lift
the histomat scales from her eyes.

Any suggestions you might have our comrade, however deviant or
deviationist, would be most appreciated.

IR 12 is coming!


Andrew Herman, Ph. D.
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