[Air-L] The Julie / Julia Project ... gone!

Hal Roberts hroberts at cyber.law.harvard.edu
Tue Oct 4 17:34:23 PDT 2011

You'd need to find some company that was archiving blog rss feeds during 
the time period of the blog.  Technorati has the content in the their 
database somewhere, for example, but I don't think there's any direct 
way to get access to it from them.  I'm sure the content exists in 
hundreds if not thousands of these rss aggregators.  The trick is 
finding one and getting access to the data.

Your best bet is probably spinn3r (http://spinn3r.com/), whose business 
is to sell aggregated rss feeds.  They have been capturing a substantial 
chunk of all U.S. blogs for a few years.  A couple of years ago when I 
needed access to their data, it was very easy to get a researcher key 


On 10/4/11 7:12 PM, Aimée Morrison wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Here's a problem of literary work in the Internet age. After verifying that Julie Powell's salon.com blog, the Julie / Julia Project was still online in August, I assigned it to my graduate class along with the book that came out of it, and the movie.
> Now? The blog is gone. It's not in the wayback machine. My RA has been digging around and can only confirn that it is gone, taken down deliberately.
> Is there any other lurking corner of the Internet in which this blog might still be hiding?
> This is actually a pretty acute and serious research and pedagogical question, and I would really appreciate any insight any of you might offer.
> Long time reader, first time poster ...
> Aimée Morrison, PhD
> Associate Professor
> Dept. of English Language and Literature
> University of Waterloo
> @digiwonk
> http://www.hookandeye.ca
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