[Air-L] IT support for Occupy Seattle during AoIR?

Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Mon Oct 10 01:13:22 PDT 2011

The Occupy Wall Street group is doing non-violent protest. The reason is
because 1 % of the people control most of the wealth in the world and that's
wrong. I hear it is being kept out of the news.

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What are they doing and why?

On Oct 9, 2011, at 11:11 PM, qCentral wrote:

> hi folks,
> this is a little off-topic (for some) so apologies in advance:
> i spent the evening at the "Occupy Seattle" camp in Westlake Park @ 401
Pine St., just a few blocks from our conference hotel.
> their new website is: www.occupyseattle.org and they are also on Facebook
(but trying to shift traffic to the website as well).
> if you are: 
> 1) interested in helping them with tech support while you're here in 
> Seattle for AoIR
> 2) interested in donating hardware/software to the camp, specifically:
> 	. deep cycle batteries
> 	. solar cells
> 	. teach-ins: 4:00-6:30pm
> 	. networking gear: routers//switches/access points
> 	. load balanced web hosting
> 	. social media endorsements
> 	. access to any data on current internet trends
> 	. projector
> 	. fast wi-fi everywhere 24/7
> 	. useful information/reports on how the internet can be used to help
movements/effective tactics from other protests (eg, Egypt) 
> 	. information on mesh networking
> and/or
> 3) a local to the Seattle area and interested in helping with ongoing 
> IT support
> PLEASE contact me OFF-LIST.
> i'll coordinate drop-offs of equipment 2x this week (end of the day,
Tuesday and Thursday) and put people in touch with the working group
handling IT for "Occupy Seattle" while i'm in town for the conference.
> the camp also needs some basic supplies for people who've come from out of
state for the protest:
> Blankets (at least 40)
> Coats (any rain gear)
> Storage containers (plastic bins for organizing supplies) Cleaning 
> supplies (brooms, dustpans, mops, buckets, and disinfectant) Epsom 
> salts EPI pens (if you're a super allergic to bees, this is a special 
> shout out to you!)
> If you would like to donate cash at the AoIR (you can email me @
qcentral at indiana.edu and I'll meet you anywhere to pick it up), I would be
happy to go shopping for the items above and get them to the camp (I'll make
a run Tuesday and Thursday). My personal goal is to help them get another
portable toilet out there for overnight campers. They don't have PayPal set
up on their website yet but they hope to soon so that's another option if
you'd help out down the road.
> : )
> Thanks for considering this request for help while we're all citizens of
this fair city (apologies, again, to those who feel the list is not the
proper forum for this request).
> Best,
> Mary
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