[Air-L] post-IR12 thank you

Richard Forno rforno at infowarrior.org
Fri Oct 14 11:27:11 PDT 2011

Agree completely on the kudos to Karine and the entire #ir12 program team for a job VERY WELL DONE.  Hope they can get some much-needed rest this weekend.  :)  Was great to see old faces and meet many new ones.   By extension, thanks to the entire AOIR executive (old and new) and the many volunteers who run & support such a wonderful organisation not just at the conference but throughout the year.

> AoIR conferences continue to be intellectually stimulating and also supportive, warm, anti-elitist and fun, so allow me to also thank everyone who has been a conference attendee, everyone who has been a member, everyone who has served AoIR in some capacity, or who has otherwise supported the glorious mix of people and ideas that makes AoIR so special. 

Definitely!  It was especially encouraging to hear several new AOIR members / first-time IR attendees echo Steve's comments about the anti-elitist and "intellectually fun" (socially too) nature of things.....they eagerly awaited future IR conferences and felt very much at home during the week.  FWIW saying I heard the term "huggy" used more than a few times to describe the social vibe of the conference.

> This is the only conference I leave with such a sense of sadness that it’s over, and such a sense of anticipation for the next one.

+1.  Aww, heck ....   make it a +10 on that.  :)

Until next year!

-- rick

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