[Air-L] [CITASA] How many Friends online = one offline?

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Just answering for myself there is no relationship. Facebook I try to limit
to "people I know" meaning I know you face to face. F2f = Online minus some
who are not online. E-mail list friends in health support really if they
send friendly e-mails they are online friends(?). This does not seem to be
quantifiable other than by some time limit based on my time behind my home

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Academic riend asks "how many internet friends = one f2f friend". He's
getting grief f2f and naches with his internet relationships.

Reliable answers, anyone? Either ethnographic, quant.

I told him that it is hard to disentangle becuase most online relationships
are also in-person.

But like many of us, he is involved in organizing conferences etc online
with people he rarely sees.

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