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In this Screencast I talk about the methods we developed over 10 years and
with the support of $4m in NSF funding for interdisciplinary teams involving
computer science, political science, education, statistics and sociology. In
particular, see slides 6 & 7 in the presentation.

I would also point to a 3-part series of blog posts on the "QDAP Method":


Much of this QDAP work is still firmly tied to the foundational free, open
source, Web-based application known as the Coding Analysis Toolkit (CAT),
where more than 2,500 users have uploaded over 7,500 datasets to code text,
measure inter-rater-reliability, and adjudicate the validity of coder


CAT was originally a utility for users of ATLAS.ti who wanted to measure
inter-rater-reliability and it grew organically into a free toolkit used by
many graduate students around the world to develop, refine and test human
annotation schemes.

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 4:05 AM, Seda Guerses <sguerses at esat.kuleuven.be>wrote:

> i have a question about qualitative analysis methods. colleagues and i are
> studying different approaches to privacy within computer science. we want to
> analyze how they differ based on their implicit and explicit assumptions as
> well as their objectives. based on previous research, we already have some
> hypotheses about privacy research within computer science. in part of our
> study we want to use qualitative methods to inquire whether our hypotheses
> hold. we also plan to do content analysis to elicit further themes which may
> not be captured with our hypotheses. i am wondering if there are
> papers/books on qualitative analysis methods that could help us frame and
> design our study?
> it is not usual or accepted within my subfield of computer science to use
> qualitative methods, so all recommendations and tips are very welcome.
> thank you,
> s.
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