[Air-L] CFP: HICSS-46 Technologically Mediated Relationship/Online Dating Minitrack

Christopher Mascaro cmascaro at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 19:39:15 PDT 2012

Minitrack: Technologically Mediated Relationship Creation and Maintenance

Online dating sites are a unique laboratory for understanding human
relationship initiation, development and self-identified success.
Presently, online dating research is scattered across numerous disciplines.
An integrated, interdisciplinary discourse of how technology mediates
the initiation and maintenance of relationships is necessary to advance the
research and development of information and communication technologies to
support online relationship formation. For example, the work of the
organizers suggests that there are different views of what a successful
online dating relationship looks like, depending on the
socio-technical context. What will the next generation of online dating do
to accommodate these differences? To what extent will online dating emerge
as a significant component of social media more generally? How do the needs
of online daters change through life?

We invite papers that address Technology-Mediated Relationship Creation and
Maintenance, which can include online dating or a number of other topics
such as the following:

1. User motivation for undertaking online dating
2. Profile Development and Maintenance
3. Information seeking behavior within the websites
4. Communication activity within and external to the website
5. Access mechanisms for online dating sites
6. Social media utilization for similar purposes or to verify information
about potential dates
7. Motivation for terminating the usage of a site (both successful and
8. Outside of sites explicitly designed for dating, where and how do people
create relationships online?
9. Non-romantic measures of online relationship creation success

We invite you to check out http://www.onlinedatinginformatics.com for a
full CFP and email cmascaro at gmail.com with any questions

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