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Nentwich, Michael mnent at oeaw.ac.at
Wed Apr 18 23:47:02 PDT 2012

Dear Jim,
we have done a case study on Second Life in our book "Cyberscience 
2.0" that has been published just this month. You may be interested 
in our (not so enthusiastic) conclusions about the prospects of 
Second Life with regard to, among others, academic conferencing.

You may order the book with Amazon:

Best regards,

On 18 Apr 2012 at 14:13, Jim Parker wrote:

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> The American Communication Association, http://americancomm.org/, is
> thinking of doing an online conference in Second Life. I have been to
> meetings in Second Life and found the experience to be superior to
> video conferencing and other alternatives for getting people together.
> I would be interested to know what others have tried for online
> conferences and especially about any experiences with conferences in
> Second Life.
> thank you,
> Jim Parker
> President American Communication Association
> Asst. Prof, Austin Peay State University.

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