[Air-L] Research and the Internet

Philippa Smith philippa.smith at aut.ac.nz
Sun Aug 5 19:11:32 PDT 2012

Dear Everyone,

I know how supportive AOIR is to those new to teaching, hence this request for guidance.  I have been asked to do a two hour lecture to Masters students in the social sciences (in October) along the rather broad topic of "Research and the Internet".  Basically it is looking at how the Internet has changed not only what we research, but also how we research - so these are two overlapping areas which I will need to cover. Can anyone recommend a suitable book/s that might assist me with this.  Certainly an overview of the range of research methodologies that have emerged  - both quantitative and qualitative - are an essential part of this and cover a vast range of disciplines. But I also want to stimulate thinking about the burgeoning area of Internet studies.  Perhaps two hours isn't enough!  But I need to start somewhere - and I also need to remember  this is just an "introduction".

Kind regards


Philippa Smith
Institute of Culture, Discourse & Communication
AUT University

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