[Air-L] Trolling and Asperger's

André Brock andre.brock at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 15:37:48 PDT 2012

I tried to not say nothin...i really did.  but this statement really got my

Re: Academia - I have known no professor to discourage pursuit of a
> volatile subject, or to refuse to even listen and/or accept ideas within it
> regardless of their personal agreement. This is how we cultivate talent -
> how we grow. This too requires and open mind.

Dear Thomas,

I'm finta call a spade a spade, and point out that your above statement is
emblematic of White male privilege.  I can assure you - as can many of the
female/queer/minority members of this list - that indeed professors DO
"discourage pursuit of a volatile subject".  This is especially true, but
not limited to, of any research project that attempts to avoid
deficit-based portrayals of non-whites/"other" and ICT usage.   The innate
conservatism of the academy stifles not only critical cultural projects,
but also the recruitment and retention of minority faculty and students.
 Please argue this with me...i'm begging you.

Moving on...

I don't know you..and based on your interactions with others here i'm not
sure i want to.  That being said, you're entitled to your opinions on
academia and the list.  What you are NOT entitled to are your statements
demeaning the intelligence, training, or ethos of other list members.  If
you spoke to me like that in person, i'd call you on it - which is why i'm
saying something here.

While you may have received approval or your actions off-list, note that
no-one has stepped forward to publicly defend your words.   That should
signal to you that your actions fall outside the pale of civility.  Even if
you don't intend to enter academia after completing your degree, I'm sure
that your behavior would be deemed objectionable in either the corporate,
non-profit, or governmental sectors.

I find it ironic that your paragraph ends with "open mind".  IMO (i ain't
humble) an open mind requires you to accept that the beliefs/practices of
others have equal validity to yours REGARDLESS of whether you believe
otherwise.  I have yet to see you demonstrate that in your behavior on this

In the words of the sage philosopher O'Shea Jackson, "check yourself before
you wreck yourself".   I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

/end rant

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