[Air-L] Looking for a free Wordpress site that allows template programming

Lois Scheidt lscheidt at indiana.edu
Sun Aug 12 11:33:02 PDT 2012

I teach an Advanced Web Site Design course for undergraduates at the
community college level. I would like to give my students some
experience designing for dynamic websites but I do not have that
option on the college server system.

To that end I am asking if anyone on the list knows of a free online
Wordpress host that allows users to design their own templates? The
ones I have found only allow access to a limited family of predesigned
templates and do not allow editing the templates.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



Lois Ann Scheidt
Doctoral Candidate - School of Library and Information Science,
Indiana University, Bloomington IN USA
Webpage:  http://www.loisscheidt.com
CV:  http://www.loisscheidt.com/cv.html
Blog:  http://www.professional-lurker.com

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