[Air-L] For teachers: Steal this Paper Writing Guide and Workbook :)

Terri Senft tsenft at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 15:07:33 PDT 2012

Hi All,

Fall semester is upon us, and I love when people trade resources, so
here is one from me.

If you are looking around for a "how to" guide for writing cultural
studies and/or digital media studies type research papers, I wrote a
20 page guide and student workbook I'm happy to share.

The guide uses this thing I sort of made up called the "Object,
Question, Lens & Method" approach. It's pretty idiosyncratic, and
you'll probably want to change it to reflect your teaching interests
and styles, but it does have lots of examples and charts for students
who are struggling to come up with paper ideas, and teachers who can't
quite remember the difference between a focus group and user testing,
or ethnography and anthropology, etc.

The guide and the workbook are both downloadable as PDFs, here:

Feel free to take, change, distribute, whatever. If you would like a
copy in Word to alter for your class purposes, give a shout and I'll
hook you up.


http://www.terrisenft.net/wordpress/for-students/twitter: @terrisenft

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