[Air-L] Air-L Digest, Vol 97, Issue 20

Anne Helmond anne at digitalmethods.net
Thu Aug 23 04:51:33 PDT 2012

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> Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 09:29:15 -0300
> From: Cristian Berrio Zapata <cristian.berrio at gmail.com>
> Dear Colleagues:
> I also interested in what has been called "swarm behavior" regarding
> information behavior.

Hi Christian,

Related to swarm behavior I would also recommend the work of Jussi
Parikka and Alexander Galloway (and Eugene Thacker). See:
Jussi Parikka, Insect Media: An Archeology of Animals and Technology
REVIEW (with a focus on swarm behavior)
Alexander Galloway – The Game of War @ Mediamatic, Amsterdam LECTURE
NOTES: http://www.annehelmond.nl/2007/10/27/alexander-galloway-the-game-of-war-mediamatic-amsterdam/
Alexander Galloway and Eugene Thacker - The Exploit


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