[Air-L] citing a tweet - blind review issues?

Nikki Usher nusher at usc.edu
Sun Aug 26 15:18:10 PDT 2012

Hi all:

I find myself citing tweets more and more often: for instance, I had  a
question about an article I was working on and went to twitter, where the
head of the web analytics company I had a question about wrote back to me
directly, for instance, and the company provided me with a useful
infographic and quote to illustrate their point.

I want to cite the Tweet, and will, but for anyone super curious, the Tweet
and link are obvs. public and anyone can figure out it's me.

Do I care? What should we do? Is there an easy answer to this?

Nikki Usher, PhD
Assistant Professor
George Washington University
School of Media and Public Affairs
(o) 202-994-3841  (m) 213-220-7824

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