[Air-L] trolls and Aspergian "sufferers"

Elijah Wright elijah.wright at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 18:38:13 PDT 2012

On Sun, Aug 5, 2012 at 6:49 PM, Thomas Jones <tajone02 at syr.edu> wrote:

> Calcanis doesn't need to pass muster as "research", nor was his observation
> about such behavior referenced as such. You act as if only researchers are
> privy to make socio-technological observations. That is disappointing.

I expect better, and more solid thinking, from people who are
professionally engaged in research.  This is quite normative.

Some of the folks who one can expect reasonable positions from are in
academia, though many are not.

Calcanis in particular has said enough annoying things in the past
that he's gotten my personal 'pass' - I discount things he says just
because he says them.

I do not do that lightly.

> You say that:
> "Having one person with a loud-ish voice compare internet behavior to
> Aspergers syndrome is highly obnoxious.  Having people who should know
> better repeat the statement is just unconscionable and bordering on 'vile'."
> Interesting... Researchers been doing this since the the dawn of time, and
> too, have been labeled as "obnoxious", "unconscionable", and "borderline
> vile". Though such assertions have usually come from the ignorant and
> close-minded, more telling of yourself than of me, or Calcanis.

You're awfully quick to descend to assuming that it's the individuals
on this list who're closed-minded and selling others short.

It seems unlikely that this is going to be a productive community for
you.  Perhaps you should just write AoIR off completely.

> No one has "flattened / construed" the issue down to trolling as being
> "Aspergers-driven". Such a lack of attention to detail is concerning from a
> researcher, especially when conveyed in such a condescending tone. Had you
> bothered to not only read, but attempt to understand the basic premise of
> Calcanis' assertion, you would have understood what he was saying - a tragic
> misstep in your response.

I don't want spend too much time on what Calcanis claims, because the
vaguest outline of what has been mentioned
so far is an affront to my understanding of what it means to be a
human being, and how decent human
beings should treat and interact with others.



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