[Air-L] trolls and Aspergian "sufferers"

Elijah Wright elijah.wright at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 08:04:22 PDT 2012

P.S. to Tom - I know I can be a jerk, and hard to deal with, and
sometimes suck at communicating - but I 110% mean well to and for
everyone, and want you to be happy with me, the other people on the
list, and the world.

Happy-go-lucky-pre-coffee-me is kinda different than the me that
snipes at people late at night ;-)

best (with ponies and rainbows, even!),


On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 9:54 AM, Elijah Wright <elijah.wright at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Oddly, the behavior demonstrated throughout this discourse closely aligns to
>> cyber bullying, and on an email list of professional academics and
>> researchers no less. This is not the solution; this is the problem.
> Starting over:   Hi Tom, welcome to the list!  :-)
> Tom - what you possibly don't know - there are several people on the
> list with Aspergers or coming from some other location "on the
> spectrum" who've been vocal about it.
> I deal with someone with Aspergers-ish issues *every day*.  He's 15,
> not an internet troll, and having a direct comparison made between
> internet trolling and what Aspergers is like is just painful to me.
> Being an 'jerk' or a troll and having Aspergers or other
> autism-spectrum symptoms are pretty different.  :p
> There are a lot of researchers in the area of disability studies doing
> interesting work - I'm not really very aware of anyone doing work that
> crosses disability studies with internet research, but I am going to
> go ask a friend now if they do know of some - it seems to me that
> there's a nexus of interest there that someone should be exploring.
> You're right to point it out, and I want to acknowledge that I see the
> value in having you point to it, even tho I don't really agree with
> how you went about it.
> best,
> --elijah

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