[Air-L] trolls and Aspergian "sufferers"

Frances Shaw franceshaw at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 16:30:48 PDT 2012

I can offer some suggestions of people doing work that intersects
disability studies and internet studies - Gerard Goggin, Christopher
Newell, and Katie Ellis are the first names that come to mind. A lot of the
work done in this area addresses the issues of accessibility and so forth,
but also extends to issues of inclusion and participation for people with

In any case, there should be loads more research on trolling being
published soon, with the upcoming issue of Fibreculture:


> There are a lot of researchers in the area of disability studies doing
> interesting work - I'm not really very aware of anyone doing work that
> crosses disability studies with internet research, but I am going to
> go ask a friend now if they do know of some - it seems to me that
> there's a nexus of interest there that someone should be exploring.
> You're right to point it out, and I want to acknowledge that I see the
> value in having you point to it, even tho I don't really agree with
> how you went about it.
> best,
> --elijah

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