[Air-L] Some reflections on Manuel Castells book "Networks of outrage and hope. Social movements in the Internet age"

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Christian and AoIR,

Thanks - will look more closely at your paper ... Just reading Manuel
Castells' "The Power of Identity" (2004, rev. ed.) here on networks
and environmentalism (pp. 180s). I suspect Castells would see
environmentalism as a network of hope. Does he touch on this in his
new book? (I've taught a course for 7 semesters on 'Society and
Information Technology,' on Harvard's virtual island in SL, engaging a
fascinating course of his I attended at UC Berkeley in 2000). I also
just added your paper and Castells' new book to World University and
School's 'Network Society.' wiki, subject page:



On Sat, Dec 8, 2012 at 6:15 PM, Christian Fuchs <christian.fuchs at uti.at> wrote:
> Maybe this is of interest for some on this list. -- CF
> Fuchs, Christian. 2012. Some reflections on Manuel Castells’ book “Networks
> of outrage and hope. Social movements in the Internet age“. tripleC - Open
> Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society 10 (2): 775-797.
> http://www.triple-c.at/index.php/tripleC/article/view/459
> Abstract: This paper provides critical reflections on Manuel Castells’
> (2012) book Networks of Outrage and Hope. Social Movements in the Internet
> Age that analyses the “nature and perspectives of networked social
> movements” (p. 4) and gives special focus to the role of “social media” in
> movements that emerged in 2011 in Tunisia, Iceland, Egypt, Spain and the
> United States. I situate Castells’ book in an intellectual discourse that
> focuses on the political implications of social media and that has involved
> Clay Shirky, Malcom Gladwell and Evgeny Morozov. The article also discusses
> the role of social theory and empirical research in Castells’ book, presents
> as an alternative a theoretical model of the relationship between social
> movements and the media, discusses the implications that some empirical data
> that focus on social media in the Egyptian revolution and the Occupy Wall
> Street movement have for Castells’ approach, discusses how Castells
> positions himself towards capitalism and compares his explanation of the
> crisis and his political views to David Harvey’s approach.
> Keywords: social movements, social media, Internet, protest, revolution,
> occupation, Arab spring, 15-M, indignadas, indignados, Occupy Wall Street,
> Manuel Castells, network, Networks of outrage and hope. Social movements in
> the Internet age.
> Section overview:
> 1. Introduction
> 2. Social Media and Politics: A Controversy between Clay Shirky, Malcom
> Gladwell and Evgeny Morozov
> 3. Castells on Social Media in the Context of Protests and Revolutions: The
> Dimension of Social Theory
> 4. Social Theory Recovered: A Model of the Relationship between Social
> Movements and the Media
> 5. Castells on Social Media in the Context of Protests and Revolutions: The
> Dimension of Empirical Research
> 6. Manuel Castells and David Harvey: The Question of Political Struggle -
> For or against Capitalism?
> 7. Conclusion
> --
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