[Air-L] teaching social computing / critical social media?

Anthony Nadler amnadler at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 15:20:05 PDT 2012

Hi Dan,

My former colleague Julie Wilson and I have been building a website for
sharing educational materials like this: www.teachingmedia.org.  The site
includes recommendations for and reviews of undergrad media studies
readings, clips, assignments, and syllabi, and some people have shared more
detailed materials like discussion questions and lecture notes.  There have
been many posts loosely connected to social media and society questions
that intersect with some of the themes you mention.

Please browse the site and, if you're willing, share your own materials.
 Right now I've set the site so that it requires registration (free, of
course) just because we had some spamming problems.  We're going to be
making a new push to better publicize the site soon.


Anthony Nadler
Assistant Professor of Media and Communication Studies
Ursinus College

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