[Air-L] Technology as ideologically neutral?

Cristian Berrio Zapata cristian.berrio at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 20:40:31 PDT 2012

Yes, Marcuse has...

Marcuse, H. (1998). Some social implications of modern technology. In D.
Kellner (Ed.), Technology, War, and Fascism (pp. 39-66). London: New York:

2012/7/5 Anna Croon Fors <acroon at informatik.umu.se>

> Don Ihde's work from 1990, Technology and the lifeworld might also add to
> all the good suggestions already posted on  your request. Also, the work of
> David Nye, Lucas Introna, Michael Heim & Albert Borgmann to mention a few
> others. Finally, as always if you ask me Martin Heidegger and his The
> Question concerning Technology and other Essays and Herbert Marcuse's One
> Dimensional Man. There is hardly anymore seminal than that.

*Cristian Berrío Zapata*

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