[Air-L] Hyperlink Network Analysis short course - 2-6 July (Sydney)

Robert Ackland robert.ackland at anu.edu.au
Thu Mar 1 03:16:00 PST 2012

I will be teaching a short course on Hyperlink Network Analysis at the 
upcoming Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research 
Incorporated (ACSPRI) training program.

The course runs for one week (2-6 July) and it is conveniently timed for 
the week before the 2012 RC33 Eighth International Conference on Social 
Science Methodology, also held in Sydney.

For more details on my course, see http://acspri.org.au/node/953

This course will provide students with an introduction to empirical 
approaches for studying hyperlink networks, with a substantive focus on 
organisational WWW hyperlink networks and blog networks.  The course 
will introduce students to three broad approaches to social scientific 
research into hyperlink networks, looking at examples of research where 
hyperlink networks have been studied as citation networks (library and 
information sciences), issue networks (media studies) and social 
networks (sociology).  There will also be an introduction to three 
available tools for hyperlink network research: Issuecrawler, SocSciBot 
and VOSON (which was created by the course instructor).  The practical 
part of the course will focus on VOSON, which is a tool for hyperlink 
network construction and analysis, and is available as a web application 
and as a plugin to NodeXL (a free Excel 2007/2010 template for social 
network analysis).  Finally, there will be an introduction to 
statistical analysis of hyperlink networks using ERGM/p* models.

Online references:

See http://voson.anu.edu.au and http://www.uberlink.com for information 
on VOSON and http://nodexl.codeplex.com for information on NodeXL.

Related readings:

Ackland, R. (2010), "WWW Hyperlink Networks," Chapter 12 in D. Hansen, 
B. Shneiderman and M. Smith (eds), Analyzing Social Media Networks with 
NodeXL: Insights from a connected world. Morgan-Kaufmann.

Ackland, R. and M. O'Neil (2011), "Online collective identity: The case 
of the environmental movement," Social Networks, 33, 177-190.

Lusher, D. and R. Ackland (2011), "A Relational Hyperlink Analysis of an 
Online Social Movement," Journal of Social Structure, volume 12, number 
5. Available at: http://www.cmu.edu/joss/content/articles/volume12/Lusher/

Assoc. Prof. Robert Ackland
Coordinator of Master of Social Research, Australian Demographic and 
Social Research Institute, The Australian National University

Information about the Master of Social Research
(Social Science of the Internet specialisation):
CRICOS No: 061772F

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