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The Journal of Community Informatics has just published its latest issue at
http://ci-journal.net/index.php/ciej. We invite you to review the Table of
Contents here and then visit our web site to review articles and items of

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The Journal of Community Informatics
Special Issue: Community Informatics and Older Persons
Table of Contents http://ci-journal.net/index.php/ciej/issue/view/33

Community Informatics and Older Persons: The Necessary Connection
	Michael Gurstein, Ph.D.

Overview: Technology and Aging Issue
	Gene. Loeb

Revisited: Communication Media Use in the Grandparent/Grandchild
	Ulla Bunz

What Seniors Value About Online Community
	Oliver Kisalay Burmeister

Sustaining Online Communities Involving Seniors
	Oliver Kisalay Burmeister,	Ros Foskey,	June Hazzlewood,
Ray Lewis

Tele-Physical Examination and Tele-Care Systems for Elderly People
	Maiga Chang,	Jia-Sheng Heh,	Hwei-Nung Lin

"I communicate with my children in the game": Mediated Intergenerational
Family Relationships through a Social Networking Game
	Yunan Chen,	Jing Wen,	Bo Xie

Can The Nintendo Wii(tm) Sports Game System Be Effectively Utilized In The
Nursing Home Environment: A Feasibility Study?
	Justin W.L. Keogh,	Nicola Power,	Leslie Wooler,	Patricia
Lucas,	Chris

Life-Based Design Against Loneliness Among Older People
	Jaana Leikas,	Pertti Saariluoma,	Rebekah Ann Rousi,
Erkki Kuisma,	Hannu

Roadblocks and Resolutions in the Technological Journey
	Norma J Linton

Online Communities As A Resource In Older Adults' Tourism
	Galit Nimrod

Recareering happily ever after: An analysis of job transition storytelling
in AARP message boards
	Elizabeth Louise Spradley

Tomorrow's Seniors: Technology And Leisure Programming
	Lynda Jeanine Sperazza, Ph.D., CPRP,	Jason Dauenhauer, Ph.D.,
MSW,	Priya
Banerjee, Ph.D.

Case Studies
A Case Study: Growing Community Partnerships with a Service-Learning
Intergenerational Computing Course
	Jean F Coppola

Older Adults and Video Communications: A Case Study
	Susan O'Donnell,	Kerri Gibson,	Betty Daniels,	Mary

Notes from the field
Broadband project for the aging in Victoria
	Paul Gerard Budde

Older and Online: Enhancing social connections in Australian rural places
	Helen R Feist,	Kelly Parker,	Graeme Hugo

Ageing, Vision Impairment and Digital Inclusion in Ireland
	Blaithin Anna Mary Gallagher,	Emma Murphy,	Antoinette Fennell

Seniors Skyping: A Professional, Academic, and Community Collaboration
	Adrian Kok

Empowering Chronically Ill Patients and Caregivers using Remote Monitoring
	Jeremy Rich,	Janelle Howe,	Lori Larson,	Chan Chuang

Serving Seniors with Simple Technology - From Indoor to Outdoor Emergency
Support and Care
	Carmen Ng

The Getting Illinois Low Income Seniors and People with Disabilities Online
Demonstration BTOP SBA project: A Case Study
	Don Samuelson,	Jim Ciesla

Community Radio Provides Elderly a Platform to Have Their Voices Heard in
rural Macha, Zambia
	Gertjan van Stam,	Fred Mweetwa

Points of View
How Not to Forget Your Next Appointment: Use Technology to Combat the
Effects of Aging
	Brian D. Beitzel

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Journal of Community Informatics http://www.ci-journal.net

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