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Hi all, thought someone would be ingerested in this.

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Hey all,

Internews is seeking a Media and Crowdsourcing Project Manager to implement
an exciting new journalism and crowd sourcing program in Niger. This small
but ambitious program focuses on the extractive industries sector in Niger.
It seeks to improve the capacity of selected civil society and media
organizations to promote citizen participation in the drafting, approval
and oversight of the implementation of laws and regulations governing
natural resources management.

Internews is seeking a multi-talented professional – someone with both
traditional and social media journalism skills. The perfect candidate will
be a trainer, an innovator, a subject specialist, and a passionate believer
in the power of information to improve lives.

The trainer is someone who can engage with journalists to provide
specialist trainings focusing on issues of transparency, in the wider
context of investigative and economic journalism. The trainer will also
work with journalists to use mobile phones, cameras, and video, and to
gather information from social media, blogs, community meetings and focus
groups to monitor the natural resources industry.

The selected trainer will work with local media (radio, print, social
media) to mentor them to produce reports on natural resources management,
laws and regulations; information spots will educate the public on specific
issues (such as policy implementations, management of revenues, unions,
child labor, community relations with mining companies and human rights);
and investigative reports will provide detailed insight on issues such as
mining code reform, the natural resource economy, and international supply
chain transparency initiatives in the private sector.

The innovator and social media skill set will be used to invite citizens to
participate in monitoring the effects and the outcomes of the mining
activities in their communities by using their mobile phones for citizen
crowdsourcing. The incoming SMS (and possibly IVR for voice messages) will
be then mapped to provide a spatial and temporal dimension to the
information collected that will allow an understanding of which are the
most affected communities and the variation of the phenomenon over time.

The system will directly link the crowd to the local media that will be
managing the incoming information received by the local population to
follow up on stories on the ground and provide an overall picture of the
actual outcomes of those activities on the local communities. An outreach
strategy will advertise the system to local communities, while local media
will manage it.

See full job posting and how to apply here:

Please, fill free to get in contact with me if you have any question.



Anahi Ayala Iacucci

Media Innovation Advisor, Africa Region


I&M Building, 12th Floor, Kenyatta Avenue, PO Box 7219, City Square 00200,
Nairobi, Kenya

Mobile (US): + 1 202 550 5214

Mobile (Italy): +39 345 80 53 067

Mobile (Kenya): +254 706 623 650

SkypeID: anahiii | Twitter: anahi_ayala | aayala at internews.org |

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