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> Today's Topics:
>   1. Re: Reports on Media Policy and Media Industry in Indonesia
>      (Yanuar Nugroho)
>   2. CFP for Communication Design Quarterly Review (Liza Potts)
>   3. NEW BOOK: Net Work: Ethics and Values in Web Design by Helen
>      Kennedy (Helen Kennedy)
>   4. CFP: broadband book and conference (Catherine Middleton)
>   5. Reminder: CFP- Policy and Internet Special issue on 'Online
>      Collective Action and Policy Change' (Calderaro, Andrea)
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> Message: 1
> Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 22:53:10 +0000
> From: Yanuar Nugroho <yanuar-n at unisosdem.org>
> To: iskandar zulkarnain <iskandar.zulkarnain.78 at gmail.com>
> Cc: air-l at listserv.aoir.org
> Subject: Re: [Air-L] Reports on Media Policy and Media Industry in
>    Indonesia
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>   i just received message from the website manager that it has been now
>   rectified.
>   thanks for notifying.
>   all best,
>   y
>   iskandar zulkarnain wrote:
>     I kept getting this message "You must be logged in to download this
>     file" when I tried to download the second link (Media Policy in
>     Indonesia).
>   On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 4:05 PM, Yanuar Nugroho
>   <[1]yanuar-n at unisosdem.org> wrote:
>     Dear colleagues
>     Two reports on (1) Media policy and (2) Media Industry in
>     contemporary Indonesia have been released. The research was a
>     collaboration between HIVOS the Netherlands Regional Office
>     Southeast Asia and the Centre for Innovation Policy and Governance
>     (CIPG) Jakarta, funded by Ford Foundation.
>     1. Media Industry in Contemporary Indonesia
>     <[2]http://mediarights.or.id/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/dow
>     nload.php?id=1>
>     /*The Profile of Media Industry in Indonesia*/ aims to profile the
>     Indonesian media industry through publicly available information and
>     data (including news in the media, statistical analysis of the
>     figure collected through the survey by the National Survey Agency
>     (SUSENAS)), and grey literatures alike. The profile will provide a
>     big picture of the media industry and business landscape in
>     Indonesia, with clear hints to the access to media which is
>     available to public.
>     2. Media Policy in Indonesia
>     <[3]http://mediarights.or.id/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/dow
>     nload.php?id=2>
>     /*Media Policies in Indonesia: A trajectory and historical account*/
>     - maps the media policies in Indonesia, both existing and laws in
>     drafts. It will also collate the data on the impacts of the policies
>     to the citizens' rights to media. The purpose is to have a
>     systematic historical trajectory (longitudinal qualitative accounts)
>     of media policies and its implications in Indonesia.
>     Link to download: [4]http://mediarights.or.id/recent-works/reports/
>     Hope this is of some use.
>     All best,
>     y
>     ---------------
>     Dr. Yanuar Nugroho
>     Hallsworth Research Fellow
>     Manchester Institute of Innovation Research MIoIR/PREST
>     The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
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>     --
>     Iskandar Zulkarnain
>     HASTAC Scholars 2011-2012
>     Website: [9]http://www.hastac.org/hastac-scholars
>     Rochester Intermedia Studies Group
>     Ph.D. Student
>     Visual and Cultural Studies
>     424 Morey Hall
>     University of Rochester
>     Rochester, NY 14627
>     "Ilmu itu untuk dibagi, bukan untuk dimiliki!"
> --
> _________________
> Yanuar Nugroho
> Secretary General
> Uni Sosial Demokrat Jakarta - Indonesia
> [10]yanuar-n at unisosdem.org
> [11]www.unisosdem.org
> References
>   1. mailto:yanuar-n at unisosdem.org
>   2. http://mediarights.or.id/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=1
>   3. http://mediarights.or.id/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=2
>   4. http://mediarights.or.id/recent-works/reports/
>   5. mailto:Air-L at listserv.aoir.org
>   6. http://aoir.org/
>   7. http://listserv.aoir.org/listinfo.cgi/air-l-aoir.org
>   8. http://www.aoir.org/
>   9. http://www.hastac.org/scholars
>  10. mailto:yanuar-n at unisosdem.org
>  11. http://www.unisosdem.org/
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> Message: 2
> Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 21:13:13 -0400
> From: Liza Potts <lpotts at MSU.EDU>
> To: air-l at listserv.aoir.org
> Subject: [Air-L] CFP for Communication Design Quarterly Review
> Message-ID: <B16ED551-C395-430F-BA04-B4430B0AF238 at MSU.EDU>
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> Hi folks,
> I wanted to let you know about a new publication I'm working on with Michael Albers. Notice the special section for graduate student work. And if you haven't checked it out already, I'd like to encourage you to join us at SIGDOC 2012 (http://www.sigdoc.org/2012/) - submission deadline for paper and posers is June 1. Feel free to email me for more details. 
> __________________________________
> ACM SIGDOC (Special Interest Group Design of Communication) will begin publishing Communication Design Quarterly Review (CDQR) in mid-2012 with four issues per year. It seeks to be the premier informational source for industry, management, and academia in the multidisciplinary field of the design and communication of information. Edited by Michael Albers and Liza Potts, it will contain a mix of peer-reviewed articles, columns, experience reports, and brief summaries of interesting research results.
> Communication Design Quarterly Review will be archived in the ACM Digital Library. A printed version will be sent to SIGDOC members and to libraries with an ACM institutional subscription.
> We invite you to contribute in any of the following areas:
> Peer-reviewed articles. Articles that cross discipline boundaries as they focus on the effective and efficient methods of designing and communicating information; disciplines will include technical communication, information design, information architecture, interaction design, and human-computer interaction.
> Experience reports. Experience reports present project- or workplace-focused summaries of important technologies, techniques, or product processes.
> Interesting research results. Short reports on interesting research or usability results that lack the rigor for a full article. For example, pilot studies, graduate student projects, or corporate usability studies where full details can?t be released.
> We are also interested in proposals for guest editing special issues. As a guest editor, you would be responsible for providing two peer reviewed articles on a specific topic and, potentially, coordinating with the column editors so their columns can complement the issue?s theme.
> For more information or submissions, contact Michael Albers (albersm at ecu.edu) or Liza Potts (lpotts at msu.edu).
> __________________________________
> Let me know if you have any questions!
> Take care,
> Liza
> Treasurer/Secretary of ACM's SIGDOC
> _________________________________________ 
> Liza Potts, Ph.D.
> Assistant Professor
> Department of Writing, Rhetoric, & American Cultures
> Michigan State University
> East Lansing, MI 48824
> Email: lpotts at msu.edu  |  AIM: LizaPotts  |  Skype: LKPotts  |  Office: Bessey 291
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> Message: 3
> Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 12:37:45 +0000
> From: Helen Kennedy <H.Kennedy at leeds.ac.uk>
> To: "air-l at listserv.aoir.org" <air-l at listserv.aoir.org>
> Subject: [Air-L] NEW BOOK: Net Work: Ethics and Values in Web Design
>    by Helen Kennedy
> Message-ID:
>    <66F01BC4D7AAFB4EA82FEAFAB093922802A971AE8763 at HERMES7.ds.leeds.ac.uk>
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="Windows-1252"
> Net Work: Ethics and Values in Web Design by Helen Kennedy 
> ?With rigor and heart, Helen Kennedy demonstrates that ethical decisions are interwoven into the labour of web design, making the work meaningful for designers and the internet more accessible for users. She successfully balances a critical yet hopeful tone in theorizing cultural labour in the new economy.? Vicki Mayer, Tulane University, USA. 
> 'Beautifully written and carefully researched, this is an important book that makes a major contribution to thinking about labour, ethics and new media.' Rosalind Gill, King's College, London, UK.
> 'Helen Kennedy has painted a detailed moral and emotional landscape of the web and offers an alternative way of reading the hope and utopianism associated with the Internet in the 1990s. For web professionals, her book inspires some reflective thinking about why we were drawn to our industry and the ways we work in it. For students and teachers of digital media, it provides a much needed philosophical framework for web industry practice.' Linda Leung, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
> Despite growing interest in the cultural industries and the iconic status of the web designer, surprisingly little academic attention has been paid to the work of people who make websites. This book fills that gap, offering a detailed analysis of the work practices and working conditions of web designers. Helen Kennedy draws on over a decade of work and research within the web design industry to argue that web design is suffused with ethical inflections, which originate both in Tim Berners-Lee's ideal vision of the web as an open, accessible and universal medium, and in the ethics and values which individual web designers bring to their work. Rich in empirical detail, Net Work is a must read for people interested in digital media and the cultural industries, and for those who want to work in these fields.  
> Chapter 1: A Book About Web Design 
> Chapter 2: A Framework for Thinking About Web Design  
> Chapter 3: A Brief History of Web Design  
> Chapter 4: Web Standards and the Self-Regulation of Web Designers  
> Chapter 5: The Fragile Ethics of Web Accessibility  
> Chapter 6: Going the Extra Mile: Web Accessibility for People with Intellectual Disabilities 
> Chapter 7: Free Labour: Web Designers' Ethical Responses to User Activity  
> Chapter 8: Narrow Fame: Micro-Celebrities Making Good of Conditions Not of Their Own Making  
> Chapter 9: Hope and the Ethical Future of Web Design  
> HELEN KENNEDY is Senior Lecturer in New Media in the Institute of Communication Studies at the University of Leeds, UK. She has contributed articles to journals such as Media, Culture and Society, Ephemera, The Information Society, Information Communication and Society and New Media and Society, and is co-editor of Cyborg Lives? Women's Technobiographies (2001). She also teaches web design and occasionally designs websites. 
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> Message: 4
> Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 09:08:52 -0400
> From: Catherine Middleton <lists at catherinemiddleton.ca>
> To: air-l at listserv.aoir.org
> Subject: [Air-L] CFP: broadband book and conference
> Message-ID:
>    <136914C9-C64D-4518-962C-315FBF0FFF24 at catherinemiddleton.ca>
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=windows-1252
> Connecting the Future: Rural Broadband Technology, Policy and Impact, Toronto, September 19-20, 2012. Abstracts due by April 15th, 2012. http://business.queensu.ca/centres/monieson/economic_revitalization/Broadband%20Conference.php
> Call for Chapters: Management of Broadband Technology Innovation. Full chapters due by April 15, 2012. http://www.broadbandresearch.ca/ourresearch/CFP_broadband_book.pdf
> Broadband network connectivity is becoming an essential service. Individuals use broadband to connect to friends and family, to access services (e.g., healthcare, education), make purchases, and look up information and for entertainment. Governments are increasingly turning  to broadband networks as a means of providing services to their constituents, while businesses rely on broadband to connect with suppliers and customers. It is widely understood that the deployment and effective use of broadband networks can result in social and economic benefits, and for this reason, governments are encouraging the development of ?next generation? (very high speed) broadband networks.
> Despite the apparent consensus that investment in broadband networks, coupled with network adoption, does result in positive outcomes there is a paucity of research that explores the ways that benefits are actually realised. This book will discuss barriers to broadband adoption  and consider the nature of demand for next generation broadband connectivity among various user groups. It will critically explore claims of the benefits of broadband deployment, providing examples of successful and unsuccessful applications and services. The book will then examine the policy environments in which broadband networks are developed, and discuss strategies for network deployment.
> This book is a cutting edge research book written for researchers, students, academics and policy makers. The authors will draw from their expertise in Information Systems, Management, Strategy, and Communications Policy to provide insights into the value of broadband connectivity. In the midst of a transition to next generation broadband, this book aims to provide valuable insights on the deployment, adoption and usage of broadband services, regardless of the specific technologies used to provide services to users.
> For more information on this book, please contact Jyoti Choudrie (jyotichoudrie at gmail.com) or Catherine Middleton (catherine.middleton at ryerson.ca).
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> Message: 5
> Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 06:26:06 -0700
> From: "Calderaro, Andrea" <Andrea.Calderaro at EUI.eu>
> To: AoIR <air-l at listserv.aoir.org>
> Subject: [Air-L] Reminder: CFP- Policy and Internet Special issue on
>    'Online Collective Action and Policy Change'
> Message-ID: <F17179C7-8C0B-499C-9482-1BDBC68717FA at EUI.eu>
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> ** Apologies for cross-posting**
> Call for Papers
> 'Policy and Internet'  Special Issue on "Online Collective Action and Policy Change"
> Guest Editors
> Andrea Calderaro (PhD, European University Institute)
> Anastasia Kavada (PhD,  University of Westminster)
> Policy and Internet, the first major peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary journal investigating the impact of the internet on public policy, is inviting submissions for a special issue on 'Online Collective Action and Policy Change', to be published in January 2013 (paper deadline: 31 March 2012). The journal is edited by the Oxford Internet Institute (University of Oxford) for the Policy Studies Organization (PSO). Please find more information at: http://www.oii.ox.ac.uk/news/?id=595
> The Internet has created a new interface between collective action and policy making: it opens new channels for social coordination and mobilisation, and it offers multiple platforms from where to influence public opinion and policy makers. The recent wave of protests that has swept authoritarian regimes like Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, but also western liberal democracies like Greece, Spain, and the UK, offers new empirical evidence of the impact that online interactions and information exchange can have on policy making.
> In addition to these recent instances of contentious politics, advocacy and grassroots groups are increasingly using online technologies to empower local communities and direct change in the policies that most affect them. And issues at the heart of online governance, like Internet regulation, are motivating many collective efforts directed to shaping file-sharing policies, free software, or digital communication rights.
> This special issue calls for academic papers reporting novel empirical research on how online collective action drives policy change, in any of its ramifications. This includes topics such as:
> - The coordination of protests and mobilisations using online technologies, and their impact on public opinion and policy making.
> - The mechanisms through which online collective action grows and diffuses, and how or when they trigger a policy reaction.
> - The impact of online activity on issue salience, and the responsiveness of policy makers.
> - The interplay between online collective action and the offline policy cycle, or how policy makers deal with new sources of instability and disruption.
> This list of topics is not exhaustive, and other questions related to online collective action and its impact on policy making will be considered. Please contact the guest editors Andrea Calderaro (andrea.calderaro at eui.eu) and Anastasia Kavada (a.kavada at westminster.ac.uk) if you have any queries about how your paper might fit in the issue.
> Paper Submissions
> The online submission deadline for papers is 31 March 2012. Please indicate in the cover letter that the paper is intended for the special issue 'Online Collective Action and Policy Change'. Authors are advised to consult the journal's Guide for Authors before submitting their paper.
> _________________________________
> Andrea Calderaro, PhD | European University Institute
> Academic Assistant | Center for Media Pluralism and Freedom Information | European University Institute
> Project Coordinator "New Media in Transition Democracy" | Department of Media and Communication - University of Oslo
> Guest Editor "Policy and Internet" special issue: "Online Collective Action and Policy Change" - CfP at: http://t.co/YWe2a7ya
> -----------------------------------------------
> Personal Page: www.eui.eu/Personal/Researchers/calderaro/
> Twitter: @andreacalderaro
> The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination, distribution, forwarding, or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon, this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited without the express permission of the sender. If you received this communication in error, please contact the sender and delete the material from any computer. 
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