[Air-L] Requesting Grant/Funding related information.

Uttaran Dutta udutta at purdue.edu
Wed Mar 28 20:53:38 PDT 2012

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am Uttaran Dutta, a doctoral candidate/ graduate lecturer in the Brian Lamb School of Communication, Purdue University. Currently, I am studying the knowledge systems and everyday struggles of indigenous communities of eastern India (with an emphasis on their communicative aspects). More specifically, the study is examining how the indigenous communities collectively identify their development needs and how they collaboratively formulate and design locally-situated intervention strategies to accomplish their development goals.
I have already completed my preliminary research; and now I am planning to apply for grant(s) to conduct the final phase of the research project i.e. to collaboratively design the contextual solutions and making prototypes/ models, in the villages of eastern India. I will utilize the financial support/ grant money primarily for purchasing equipments, raw materials and paying wages to local indigenous participants.
It will be of great help if you can suggest me some of the funding possibilities available/ allocated for conducting such studies/ projects.
Many thanks for your time and kind attention.
Best regards,
Uttaran Dutta.

p.s.- My LinkedIn public profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/uttaran-dutta/1/b6a/5b3

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