[Air-L] Reports on Media Policy and Media Industry in Indonesia

Yanuar Nugroho yanuar-n at unisosdem.org
Tue Mar 13 13:05:35 PDT 2012

Dear colleagues

Two reports on (1) Media policy and (2) Media Industry in contemporary 
Indonesia have been released. The research was a collaboration between 
HIVOS the Netherlands Regional Office Southeast Asia and the Centre for 
Innovation Policy and Governance (CIPG) Jakarta, funded by Ford Foundation.

1. Media Industry in Contemporary Indonesia 

/*The Profile of Media Industry in Indonesia*/ aims to profile the 
Indonesian media industry through publicly available information and 
data (including news in the media, statistical analysis of the figure 
collected through the survey by the National Survey Agency (SUSENAS)), 
and grey literatures alike. The profile will provide a big picture of 
the media industry and business landscape in Indonesia, with clear hints 
to the access to media which is available to public.

2. Media Policy in Indonesia 

/*Media Policies in Indonesia: A trajectory and historical account*/ – 
maps the media policies in Indonesia, both existing and laws in drafts. 
It will also collate the data on the impacts of the policies to the 
citizens’ rights to media. The purpose is to have a systematic 
historical trajectory (longitudinal qualitative accounts) of media 
policies and its implications in Indonesia.

Link to download: http://mediarights.or.id/recent-works/reports/

Hope this is of some use.

All best,


Dr. Yanuar Nugroho
Hallsworth Research Fellow
Manchester Institute of Innovation Research MIoIR/PREST
The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

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