[Air-L] History of 'Home' in internet browsers

Sue Thomas Sue.Thomas at dmu.ac.uk
Sun May 6 15:22:17 PDT 2012

Thanks to everyone who replied to this on and off-list. I'll check out
all your suggestions. And thanks Marianne for the links - long time no

I agree with Radhika that for some of us, MUDs and MOOs made 'home'
important, not just because we created homes there but also because of
the simple command 'home' when you wanted to return to your base. I'd
forgotten about that, and it confirms, along with a comment from Simon
about the early hypercard 'home stack'. So I'm guessing its history lies
in the history of code rather than of the internet - I hadn't realised

Mattia's point about the resonance of home is pertinent because the
piece I'm writing relates to the restorative settings described in The
Experience of Nature by R&S Kaplan, and although their approach comes
from a different discipline - experimental psychology - the emotions may
be similar.

Thanks again, you've helped clarify my thinking here


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