[Air-L] 5 New Features to Try In DiscoverText

Stuart Shulman stuart.shulman at gmail.com
Fri May 11 11:02:44 PDT 2012

5 New Features to Try In DiscoverText - Sign Up for a 30-Day Free Beta with
Full Enterprise Access


1) GNIP PowerTrack Sampling

For the first time since the GNIP Powertrack was integrated into
DiscoverText, users can import random samples of Tweets from the
Powertrack. What this means is that broad search terms such as "Obama" or
"has:hashtag" (A search for every tweet that contains a hashtag), will no
longer ingest millions of tweets per minute, but rather will be limited to
the random sample proportion of your choosing. To utilize this new
function, just enter "sample:##" after your GNIP search term. (#= the
sample percentage from 1-100).

2) Twitter User Bio Searches

As of this week, users of the GNIP PowerTrack can now import tweets,
according to keyword(s) in Twitter user bios. What this means is that a
user of the Powertrack can now search for - by way of example - 50% of all
comments about Obama that are said by people who claim to tweet about
Fashion. (Obama bio_contains:fashion sample:50)

3) Foreign Language CloudExplorers

Also as of this week, DiscoverText tag clouds can process non-English
characters such as Arabic and Chinese. In these foreign language tag
clouds, users may now alter word colors, exclude stop words & search terms,
and quickly search for any word in the tag cloud.

4) Retweet Searching

Users may now use a GNIP operator to import only "retweeted" tweets. For
example, to import retweeted tweets that contain the word Obama, one would
search: Obama is:retweet. Additionally, users can now also filter according
to the specific retweets of a particular twitter account. For example, to
import those tweets that are retweeted by Justin Bieber, one would search:

5) TopMeta Exporting

Announced last week, DiscoverText Enterprise users may now export TopMeta
lists, which highlight the most (or least) frequently occurring items in
particular metadata field. See our blog for more details:

If you have any questions about these new features, teh free 30-day beta,
or any other DiscoverText functions, please contact Josh at discoverText for

Josh Sowalsky
Director of User Support
Texifter, LLC
1-800-936-0534 Ext. 704
Josh at discovertext.com

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