[Air-L] Announcement: Learning and Performance Quarterly First Issue Published & Call For Submissions for Issue No. 2

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Thank you to the number of authors, reviewers and editors who helped contribute to the first open, access online Learning and Performance Quarterly journal. Please read and share with colleagues and researchers who might be interested:



The Learning and Performance Quarterly (LPQ) is currently accepting submissions for the second issue. Deadline for submissions is Friday, June 15, 2012 at 11:59 pm CST. Submission of manuscripts can be made online for the LPQ journal: http://www.sageperformance.com/ojs/index.php/LPQ/announcement/view/3


Research Papers :

Papers that are concerned with the various approaches to learning and performance impact. These papers should discuss the literature related to the approach employed and include a measure of the learning and performance impact of the approach employed.

Case Studies:

Case studies that highlight a particular learning, training, performance or instructional setting in which learning and performance resources were used to address a particular challenge. They present a discussion of the challenge from current literature, what was done to solve or explore it, and the results of the project. They often offer suggestions for others interested in addressing similar challenges.

Concept/Theory Papers:

Papers that present new concepts or contribute to existing theory for learning and performance. This should offer a discussion of the literature related to the concept/theory along with a discussion of the major issues for future research needed to validate the concept/theory.

Book Reviews:

Book reviews of publications 2011 or later will be accepted to highlight a issues and resources relevant for learning and performance and offer a suggested solution or direction. The position is supported with both a logical argument and a review of the pertinent literature. Preference will be given in the review process to book review essays that comment on two or more related books.  Book review essays should not exceed 3,800 words and should include city, state, publisher, and year of the book's publication.  An abstract of 150 words or less and keywords are required for book review essays.  Reviews of single books should not exceed 1,900 words.  At the beginning of the text please include title, author, publisher, city, date, and page numbers of the book(s) under review.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 15, 2012 at 11:59 pm CST. For detailed submission guidelines and instructions on how to make a submission please visit Author Guidelines: http://www.aoe2x.net/ojs/index.php/LPQ/about/submissions#authorGuidelines


Interested in reviewing articles for the LPQ Journal? The LPQ journal is looking for reviewers to conduct peer reviews and evaluations of submissions.

Please identify your reviewing interests, substantive areas of expertise, and research methods when completing the LPQ journal registration online: http://www.sageperformance.com/ojs/index.php/LPQ/user/register

Editors Laura Pasquini and Dr. Jeff Allen can be contacted for any inquiries regarding submissions via e-mail: LPquarterly at gmail.com<mailto:LPquarterly at gmail.com>. We look forward to receiving your submissions. Please forward this message to other colleagues and researchers who might be interested in publishing and/or serving as a reviewer for the Learning and Performance Quarterly journal.

Thank you,

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