[Air-L] CFP: Researching Media Innovations - Approaches to Users, Producers and Texts

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 We look forward to meeting you in Oslo this coming November!

 CFP: Researching Media Innovations - Approaches to Users, Producers and 

 Time and Place: 7 November 2012 (9.30am-5pm), University of Oslo, Oslo 
 Innovation Center

 Annette Markham – Independent Researcher focusing on qualitative 
 research methods and ethics of Internet-mediated contexts; Guest 
 Professor, Department of Informatics, Umea University Sweden, 
 Tanja Storsul – Professor, Department of Media and Communication, 
 University of Oslo

 Terje Colbjørnsen – PhD Candidate, University of Oslo
 Niamh Ní Bhroin – PhD Candidate, University of Oslo
 This seminar is organised under the umbrella of the Centre for Research 
 on Media Innovations and in Cooperation with the PhD Programme (Media 
 and Journalism) at the Department of Media and Communication, University 
 of Oslo.

 In what ways do innovations in media require new research approaches? 
 This one-day workshop welcomes all PhD- and post-doctoral researchers 
 dealing with new approaches to researching users, producers and texts 
 arising from Media Innovations.

 Media Studies is an interdisciplinary field, traditionally combining 
 approaches primarily from the humanities and the social sciences, and 
 related quantitative and qualitative methods such as audience research, 
 ethnographic studies, case studies, discourse, content and textual 
 analysis.  However, innovations in media technologies and changing modes 
 of usage and engagement bring about transformation of the media sector. 
 These in turn result in the integration of additional approaches to the 
 interdisciplinary palette, such as Information and Communication 
 Technology and Innovation Studies; or, in the broadening of perspectives 
 related to particular methods, such as ethnography. These developments 
 highlight the importance of insight into new business models, 
 algorithmic manipulation and the availability of Big Data, and 
 additional ethical challenges in new media environments.  These 
 approaches both enrich the study of media and give rise to additional 
 questions relating to how best to deal with empirical and theoretical 
 approaches to research.

 This workshop will address methodological and ethical questions of 
 relevance to the study of media innovations, and welcomes the submission 
 of papers dealing with these questions as they relate to the following 
 •	Innovation and Media Innovation as Concepts;
 •	Audiences and Users of Media Innovations;
 •	Questions of privacy, intervention and critical approaches in the 
 context of Media Innovations;
 •	Power and Control in Media Innovations;
 •	Control and manipulation of personal data in the context of Media 
 •	Media Institutions, Industries and Producers as they relate to Media 
 •	Approaches to researching New Business Models arising from Media 
 •	Approaches to researching innovations in Media Texts;
 •	Approaches to researching innovations in Media Technology;
 •	Approaches to understanding the technological composition and format 
 of Media Objects; and
 •	Questions relating to the impact of Media Innovations for the Public 

 The course encourages PhD- and Post-Doctoral researchers to reflect on 
 these questions and their implications in the context of their PhD and 
 research projects.

 9.30: Introduction to Media Innovations (Tanja Storsul)
 9.45: Researching Media Innovations – Annette Markham
 11.00: Break
 11.15: PhD Presentations and Feedback
 12.30: Discussion
 13:00: Lunch
 13:45: PhD Presentations and Feedback
 15.00: Break
 15.15: PhD Presentations and Feedback
 16.30: Summary Discussion
 17.00: End

 Essential Readings:

 Clarke, A. (2003). Situational Analyses: Grounded Theory Mapping After 
 the Postmodern Turn. Symbolic Interaction, 26(4), 553- 576.

 Kincheloe, J. (2001). Describing the Bricolage: Conceptualizing a New 
 Rigor in Qualitative Research.  Qualitative Inquiry, 7(6), 679-692

 Markham, A. N. (2012). Fabrication as ethical practice: Qualitative 
 inquiry in ambiguous internet contexts. Information, Communication and 

 Markham, A. & Baym, N. (2009). Internet Inquiry: Conversations about 
 method.  Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage.

 Additional Recommended Readings:
 Coriat, B. and Weinstein, O. (2002) Organizations, firms and 
 institutions in the generation of innovation.  Research Policy. 273-290

 Doyle, G. (2010) Why culture attracts and resists economic analysis. 
 Journal of Cultural Economics 34:245-259

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 Qualitative Inquiry 12(2) pp 219-245

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 Conceptualization of the Bricolage. Qualitative Inquiry, 11(3), 323-350

 Latour, B., et al (2012).The Whole is Always Smaller Than Its Parts’ A 
 Digital Test of
 Gabriel Tarde’s Monads  To be published by the British Journal of 

 Markham , A. (2005). The politics, ethics, and methods of 
 representation in online ethnography. In Denzin, N. & Lincoln, Y. 
 (Eds.). Handbook of Qualitative Research, 3rd Edition (pp. 793-820). 
 Thousand Oaks CA: Sage.

 Paul Rabinow website: http://www.bios-technika.net/index.php

 Storsul, T. and Krumsvik A. (eds.) (2012, forthcoming). Media 
 Innovations, an anthology from the First International Symposium on 
 Media Innovations April 19-20th 2012. Gothenburg: Nordicom

 Abstract Submission (300 Words): 27 July 2012
 Notification of Acceptance: 31 August 2012
 Paper Submission (7-10 Pages): 5 October 2012
 Presentation (10 minutes): 7 November 2012

 Please submit all abstracts and papers to: workshop at mediainnovations.no

 Additional Information:
 The seminar is free of charge for participants.  Lunch will be included 
 on the day.  Travel costs are to be paid by the participants themselves. 
 Please contact us if you have any queries in this regard.

 Meeting Room:
 To be decided

 2 ECTS will be awarded depending on the submission of a full paper in 
 advance of 5 October 2012 and on a presentation and full participation 
 during the seminar.

 Additional Information:
 For more information about the workshop, please contact us at: 
 workshop at mediainnovations.no


 Stipendiat, PhD Kandidat
 Institutt for Medier og Kommunikasjon
 n.n.bhroin at media.uio.no

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