[Air-L] Study into fans' changing usage patterns of the sports media landscape

Hugh Macdonald hugh.macdonald at rmit.edu.au
Tue May 29 15:41:41 PDT 2012

Hi all, 

I'm a PhD candidate at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

I'm doing a comparative study of the use by sports fans of different types of sports media. For my methodology I'm using a survey. The first round of the survey was done in 2008, and over the past year I've been doing the second round.

The reason I mention it here is that I need a few more responses for the second round and so I'm wondering if anyone is interested in sport, whether you'd like to take a few minutes to complete the survey for me.

If so you can find it at http://newmediamogul.net/survey2/

Also, I'd love to hear from anyone who is doing similar research, or if you're interested in finding out more about the results of the comparative study, let me know.

Cheers, and thanks a lot,


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