[Air-L] policies on students and social media platforms

Katrin Tiidenberg katrin_oja at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 8 03:23:20 PST 2012

Hi Holly and others, 

we have a policy that all of the course materials (syllabus, lecture slides, readings, tasks) need to be on Moodle and the professor can choose whether they let students enroll themselves (in which case people who don't actually take your course could enroll as well) or whether to enroll students themselves. Mostly everyone picks the easier option of having students self-enroll. 
The class I'm teaching now and the one I taught last spring both had additional blogs (on Posterous, because the whole 'blog via email' seems to work well for students here), this time around I asked the students whether they wanted the blog to be private (so just the people who are in the class can view it) or public. Mixed results so far. 
I'd be really interested in the policy you draft, it sounds like something that will become an issue very soon.

best regards, 
Katrin Tiidenberg
University of Tallinn
Institute of International and Social Studies

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