[Air-L] 2nd ACS Institute -- 22-26 July 2013, Klagenfurt, Austria

Gilbert B. Rodman gbrodman at mindspring.com
Fri Nov 2 09:17:31 PDT 2012

   The Association for Cultural Studies (ACS) is delighted to announce the
   second  ACS Institute, which will be held from 22-26 July 2013 at the
   Department of Media and Communication Studies, Faculty of Cultural
   Studies, of Alpen Adria Universitaet Klagenfurt in Austria. The theme
   of the 2013 Institute is "The Sights/Sites of Cultural Studies."
   The ACS Institute will be a forum for critical discussions of important
   perspectives on cultural studies today.  Our paired theme is intended
   to forge productive and provocative conversations between two related,
   yet distinct, sets of issues.  On the one hand, we will explore the
   question of where cultural studies can (and should) best be practiced
   in the 21st century, and what (if any) meaningful common ground exists
   between the different existing formations of cultural studies.  On the
   other hand, we will engage in a special focus on visual culture, and
   the question of what cultural studies can contribute to a deeper
   understanding of a world dominated by images.
   The Institute will provide an intense and rewarding pedagogical
   experience for postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers who
   will have the opportunity to spend the week learning from lectures and
   seminars delivered by five keynote speakers and a faculty staff of
   leading cultural studies scholars from around the world. The following
   keynote speakers have been confirmed: Ien Ang (University of Western
   Sydney, Australia), John Clarke (Open University, UK), Lothar Mikos
   (University of Film and Television, Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany),
   Nicholas Mirzoeff (New York University, USA) and Constance Penley
   (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA).
   Following on the great success of the inaugural ACS Institute in 2011
   (at the University of Gent (Belgium)), the 2013 edition of the
   Institute will bring together people from a wide range of disciplines
   to explore what it means to conduct cultural studies. We invite and
   encourage participation from researchers who work in disciplines such
   as cultural studies, visual studies, film studies, media studies,
   cultural sociology, cultural anthropology, literary theory and
   criticism, discourse analysis, new literacy studies, educational
   studies, rhetorical criticism etc.
   Those interested in participating are invited to take notice of the
   above mentioned dates. The website for the Institute --
   [1]http://acssi2013.aau.at -- is currently under construction, but will
   soon be fully operational. Email inquiries can be addressed to
   [2]acssi2013 at aau.at. Practical information about registration and a
   full list of Institute keynotes and faculty will be disseminated in due
   The Association of Cultural Studies [3]<http://www.cultstud.org/> is
   the premiere international association of cultural studies and hosts
   the biennial Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference.
   Gil Rodman
   Chair, Association for Cultural Studies


   1. http://acssi2013.aau.at/
   2. mailto:acssi2013 at aau.at
   3. http://www.cultstud.org/

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