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And.. finally its done -

Gajjala, R. (2012). *Cyberculture and the subaltern: Weavings of the
virtual and real*. Lanham, Md: Lexington Books.

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Cyberculture and the Subaltern: Weavings of the Virtual and Real, edited by
Radhika Gajjala, maps how voice and silence shape online space in relation
to offline actualities. Thus, it weaves the virtual and real in relation to
so-called old and new technologies using globalization and technology as
the frame for examination. Implicit in this investigation is the question
of how offline actualities and online cultures are in turn shaped by online
hierarchies, as well as different kinds of local access to global contexts.
This book reveals the logic of particular global-local directions that
emerge within digital, transnational capital and labor flows. To this end,
the contributors to this volume examine various sites and intersections
through critical lenses enabled by conversations and writings in subaltern
studies, affect theory, postcolonial feminist theory, critical cultural
studies, communication studies, critical development studies, and science
and technology studies. Contexts explored in this collection include
microfinance online, handloom contexts from India and Africa in relation to
development discourse, new technologies, and virtual world marketing.
Through actual auto-ethnographic engagement, Cyberculture and the
Subaltern reveals
the interdependence of the economic, political, cultural, and social in the
production of the subaltern online.

Radhika Gajjala


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