[Air-L] Social Media Analysis Tool

Sulkhan Metreveli s.metreveli at ipmz.uzh.ch
Mon Oct 29 10:42:10 PDT 2012

Dear AIR-Community,


We are developing a social media analysis tool at the Media Change and
Innovation Division at IPMZ of University of Zurich. This tool is designed
to collect and analyze social media data from various sources. At the
moment, we are able to collect data from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ YouTube
and Blogger.com. 


It present, the application is able to collect text from the above-listed
sources and enables users to save the collected text in txt format for
further analysis. Additionally, we have integrated different text analysis
tools. Hence, the user of the application is able to automatically examine
the text and, thereby, detect positive, negative and neutral   sentiments,
find words closely associated with different emotional states such as
affect, anger, fear anxiety, etc. Also, we have integrated word cloud which
displays the most frequently used words in the text and sorts them according
to their importance. Furthermore, we provide different buzz statistics from
all the sources listed above. All this is available only in the beta version
and additional features are added on a weekly basis.


We would like to offer you a two months' trial access which is limited to 20
users. If you are interested, please contact me directly. Access will be
granted on a first come, first served basis. In exchange for the trial, we
welcome your comments and suggestions for further improvement of the


Best regards,






Sulkhan Metreveli, Dr. Des.


Research and Teaching Associate

Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research

Division of Media Change and Innovation

University of Zurich


Tel: +41(0)44 635 20 93

Fax: +41(0)446344934

Email:  <mailto:s.metreveli at ipmz.uzh.ch> s.metreveli at ipmz.uzh.ch 


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