[Air-L] Tools for Analysing Tumblr?

Stephanie Betz stephanie.betz at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 02:13:41 PDT 2012

Thanks everyone for your responses - it looks like I'm going to need to
learn Python to pull together what I want.  Luckily that was something
already on my to-do list.


I am interested in notes as well as the content of the posts + tags - but
I'll need to have a deeper think about how I could work this in.


Cheers all,



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I've been doing some work with Tumblr data analysis/visualization. I've also
written some scripts in Python to pull data from the API, as well as doing
some graph generation. I'd be happy to provide some advice in that regard if
you need help creating tools.


Scraping note data is a bit trickier, and there are some API license issues
to watch out for. Depending on what kind of content you want to look at,
this might not be an issue.

Nick Johnson

Graduate Program - Information Sciences & Technology

University Park - Penn State



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