[Air-L] A suggestion for reading lists and syllabi

Andrea Guzman aguzma31 at uic.edu
Mon Aug 5 07:40:35 PDT 2013

Hello all,

As we all know, one of the routine uses for this listserv is to request
reading suggestions, syllabi, and other course related materials. I was
wondering if it would be possible to establish some sort of reading list,
syllabus, assignment, etc. exchange on the AoIR website as a central place
to share this information. I have used these pages for other groups and
find they are very helpful, particularly when it comes to finding
appropriate readings for undergrads.

I realize that setting up and maintaining such a page would require
additional thought and debate. I am just putting the idea out there for
future consideration and discussion (maybe in Denver?). I also realize
that adding a feature to the website is extra work for someone, and so, I
would be willing to help if the idea is carried forward.


Andrea L. Guzman, M.A.
PhD Candidate
Department of Communication
University of Illinois at Chicago
aguzma31 at uic.edu

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