[Air-L] Another way of sharing syllabi and teaching resources

Anthony Nadler amnadler at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 07:39:21 PDT 2013

Several years ago, Julie Wilson and I started a Wordpress-based
website, www.teachingmedia.org
<http://www.teachingmedia.org>to create a space for media studies
instructors to share syllabi and teaching resources such as suggested
readings, links to useful video material, in-class exercises and

This format isn't as useful as a wiki for compiling large reading lists (so
I don't mean to propose this as a replacement for the Air_L wiki), but it
has some advantages for sharing teaching material in other ways. It's been
relatively easy to maintain and because only registered users can post,
we've been able to contain the spam.  It also makes it easy to organize
teaching topics in ways that are categorized, taggable, and give way to
threaded discussions of particular readings, assignments, etc.  I encourage
any on this list to contribute teaching material l they've found especially
stimulating and try out the site as a resource for ideas.  It's all based
on a peer-to-peer open model of collaborative teaching and it's growing
slowly but steadily.

Anthony Nadler
Assistant Professor of Media and Communication Studies
Ursinus College

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