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> Call for Expressions of Interest:
> Future Fellowship applications in Cultural and Social Research
> Institute for Culture and Society
> The Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) within the University of
> Western Sydney (UWS) was launched in 2012. ICS is a major national and
> international centre for the pursuit of engaged interdisciplinary
> cultural and social research. Rated 5 (“well above world standard”)
> for Cultural Studies in the 2010 Excellence in Research for Australia
> (ERA) rankings, the Institute coordinates interdisciplinary cultural
> research across the humanities and social sciences and connects
> Australian cultural and social research to relevant research overseas,
> particularly in Asia.
> With this last confirmed funding round of Australian Research Council
> Future Fellowships (see the website:
> http://www.arc.gov.au/ncgp/futurefel/future_default.htm) and a
> University commitment of significant new funding, ICS is investing in
> leading cultural and social researchers from Australia and overseas by
> supporting innovative and outstanding Future Fellowship proposals.
> Mid-career researchers 5–15 years post-PhD are eligible to apply.
> ICS Research Program
> ICS’s research program is currently organised into the following
> research groups:
> 1.          Methods, Disciplines and Social Change
> 2.          Digital Research and Cultural Transformation
> Australian Cultural Fields
> 1.        Cultural Diversity and Transnational Practices
> 2.        Institutions, Governance, Citizenship
> 3.        Cultural Economy and Globalisation
> 4.        Heritage, Environment and Society
> 5.        Cities and Urban Cultures
> ICS Research and Researchers
> ICS researchers approach culture as a vital dimension of social,
> political, and economic life. Their practice-oriented,
> interdisciplinary research produces cutting-edge work in and across
> the fields of cultural studies, media studies, sociology, cultural and
> human geography, cultural economy, Asian studies, education studies,
> and museum and heritage studies. The Institute hosts UWS’s role in the
> Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre.
> Expressions of Interest
> ICS will offer expert assistance to Future Fellowship applications
> where these fit closely with one or more aspects of our research
> program. Please consult the Institute’s website
> (http://uws.edu.au/ics) for further details of the Institute’s
> research program.
> Please note that applicants seeking the endorsement of ICS need to
> complete an Expression of Interest form and submit a CV. Please
> contact  icsro at uws.edu.au for an EoI form and return completed forms
> to this address by 5pm Australian Eastern Seaboard time on Thursday 29
> August 2013.
> Prospective applicants are also advised to speak with UWS Senior
> Project Development Manager, Annette McLaren (a.mclaren at uws.edu.au),
> before completing the Expression of Interest form, for guidance
> regarding the fit between their proposed project and the Institute’s
> research, and the levels of research performance that applicants will
> need to demonstrate.
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