[Air-L] digest it! not FB it!

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Thanks for chiming in, Nick!

I find it easier to keep up with the flow of the various listserv conversations by reading my email in a threaded presentation (like the one set up by default in my iPhone). Interestingly, though, even though my mail client at work can be set up that way, that's not how I'm accustomed to encountering mail on my desktop (at work, it's all about who asks first)...

Steve Lovaas

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Agree here. I really liked Jeremy's discussion of (not-so-obvious) user control and customization when considering e-mail communications. I think I might just be suffering from a Jetson's Effect in all of this. So, I'll digest all of this (see what I did there?) and stay involved via e-mail.
As a side-note, I have to say that I am finding this AoIR list to be remarkably busy in the best way. Truly, a group of scholars rather than merely a set of presentations. 

Concerns, cheerfully withdrawn. 

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Dear Nicholas David Bowman et al

I get the daily digest which isn't onerous at all. I skim items, and even use the Table of Contents. I'd hate to get one item at a time.
But if it goes to Facebook, AoIR loses me, as I don't do FB.

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