[Air-L] Utility of listserv vs. Facebook board?

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Mon Aug 5 14:42:10 PDT 2013

    I've been lurking for a number of weeks on this board. I have not seen
a comment of this type on topic.  FB is a terrible malware risk.  -T

On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 1:35 AM, Nicholas Bowman <
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> AoIR pals!
> As a new member to the organization, I had wondered perhaps if this e-mail
> listserv really is the best space for many of the transactional-type
> discussions that happen between members. On the one hand, it's very cool
> (and inspiring) to see such a vibrant discussion between motivated and
> intelligent people, but on the other hand there are days in which I will
> receive as many as 20 different AoIR e-mails - often a chronology of a
> conversation between a few members that I might or might not be
> specifically involved in (besides my tangential connection to both as an
> AoIR member).
> To this end, I wonder if the organization has (or might) consider using a
> different channel for these transactional-type discussions, such as a
> closed Facebook page, that provides members an "opt-in" and persistent
> space for more detailed discussions. As the Web and Publications Editor for
> the Mass Communication of NCA (National Communication Association), I have
> facilitated such a page for our 1200+ members for the better half of three
> years, and we've seen quite a few members (about 500 currently "following"
> the page) log in and share research and scholarly opinions in the space -
> which has taken quite a bit of pressure off of our listserv. I realize of
> course there are likely many reasons why we don't have such a space, but
> I'm just wondering if using the current AoIR listserv as a bulletin board
> and discussion place is the most functional use of the technology; as a new
> member, it can often times be overwhelming.
> Of course, should there be any interest in such a project - using
> Facebook, or some other technology that is more easily assessible/less
> likely to see us all anti-aging cream on a daily basis - I'd be more than
> happy to assist. Or, I'll just continue to acclimate to the AoIR listserv,
> as I go find it generally useful.
> Just a few thoughts from a new member - I do not mean to shake the apple
> tree so please to not take this note as anything more than an "outside
> looking in" observation. Glad to be a member, and eager for my first AoIR
> this Fall in Denver. =)
> ~nick
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