[Air-L] IM interviews not interviews?

Jennifer Whitmer whitmerj at unlv.nevada.edu
Mon Aug 19 09:35:40 PDT 2013

Hey everyone,
If you'd like another source which talks about the similarities and
differences between face-to-face and online interviews, I'd like to
recommend the following:
O’Connor, Henrietta; Clare Madge; Robert Shaw; and Jane Wellens. 2008.
“Internet Based Interviewing.” Pp. 271-289 in *The Sage Handbook of Online
Research Methods*, edited by R. Lee, N. Fielding, and G. Blank. London:
They make it clear that face-to-face, asynchronous, and synchronous online
interviews all have their pros and cons, and some are better suited to
particular research questions and populations than others.

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